Ram Commercial Launches Telematics Solutions for Business Customers

Ram Commercial Launches Telematics Solutions for Business Customers

March 7, 2018 , Indianapolis - The Ram Commercial truck brand today announced a factory-installed telematics system for its business customers.

Ram Telematics, powered by Verizon Connect (formerly Telogis), is a technology for fleets that allows commercial vehicle managers to turn vehicle data into operational savings.

“The Ram Telematics solution offers clear cost-of-ownership benefits to commercial truck buyers,” said Mike Manley, Head of Ram Truck Brand – FCA. “The vocational-use segment is significant to us, and it’s important for Ram Commercial to offer a full suite of services that are important to work-truck customers.”

Ram Telematics is a vehicle connectivity platform designed to provide fleet owners and managers with a broad range of vehicle data, diagnostics and driver behavior information to help them better understand how their vehicles are being used and to improve operational efficiency.

Telematics-enabled vehicles offer substantial returns on investment, including increased productivity, improved vehicle utilization, reduced fuel expenses, lower idle times, reduced miles driven and lower employee overtime.

Ram Telematics is an intuitive, built-in system that offers a number of customer benefits, including scalability to fleets of all sizes.

Telematics also improves fleet safety by identifying at-risk driving.

Ram Telematics will be available on all Ram truck and van models. One year of Ram Telematics service starts at $800.

The Ram Telematics system is covered under a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty and is serviceable at Ram dealerships nationwide. Ram Telematics also can be conveniently financed with the new vehicle purchase.

Factory-installed means quicker customer delivery. Telematics is ready for activation the day the customer takes delivery of the new vehicle. Later this year, the 4G Ram Telematics module also will be offered as a dealer-installed option on 2015 and newer vehicles.

The Ram Telematics service is offered in conjunction with Verizon Connect, a leading global telematics service provider.

Ram Commercial will begin rolling out its telematics applications to dealers and buyers throughout 2018 and 2019. For information, visit https://www.ramtrucks.com/telematics.html.


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