The INEOS Grenadier: A Modern Classic for the Off-Road Connoisseur


The INEOS Grenadier: A Modern Classic for the Off-Road Connoisseur

In the world of off-road adventuring, few vehicles stir as much anticipation and curiosity as the INEOS Grenadier. Designed from the ground up with the purist in mind, it merges traditional 4x4 virtues with contemporary engineering excellence, aiming to fill the void left by the departure of iconic off-roaders like the original Land Rover Defender. This detailed exploration delves into what makes the Grenadier not just a vehicle but a testament to off-road heritage, redefined for the modern era.

Engineering and Performance

At the heart of the Grenadier lies a BMW-sourced 3.0L Turbo Gasoline Straight-Six engine, a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability. With a robust 282 hp and a torque output of 332 ft-lbs, the Grenadier is more than capable of tackling challenging terrains where power and persistence are paramount. The engine's pairing with an 8-speed automatic transmission ensures a seamless transfer of power, providing a smooth ride whether you're cruising highways or conquering rocky inclines.

The INEOS Grenadier's drivetrain configuration is a nod to traditional off-roading principles, featuring permanent four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case. This setup ensures that whether you're facing steep hills, deep mud, or slippery rocks, the Grenadier delivers consistent traction and control. Moreover, differential locks front and rear, available as part of the Rough Pack, enhance its capability, allowing adventurers to traverse even the most challenging landscapes with confidence.

Design Philosophy

In designing the Grenadier, INEOS Automotive took inspiration from the past, engineering a vehicle that respects the legacy of classic off-roaders while incorporating modern design principles. The Grenadier's boxy silhouette is both a stylistic choice and a functional one, offering maximum interior space and ease of repair. Its body-on-frame construction is a testament to durability, providing the ruggedness expected from a vehicle designed to face the unforgiving outdoors.

The vehicle's exterior is customizable, with various options for solid and metallic paint, contrasting roof and ladder frame colors, and wheel types. Such customization allows owners to tailor the Grenadier to their aesthetic preferences without compromising its off-road credentials.

Off-Road Prowess

Understanding the demands of off-road enthusiasts, the Grenadier is equipped with features that underscore its all-terrain capability. Heavy-duty coil suspension, solid beam axles front and rear, and a high ground clearance ensure that the Grenadier can handle rough terrains with ease. The vehicle's approach, ramp breakover, and departure angles are carefully calculated to navigate obstacles without compromising the undercarriage.

For those who venture into challenging environments, the optional Raised Air Intake and Cyclone Pre-Cleaner are invaluable, protecting the engine from dust and water ingress during river crossings or dusty trails. Additionally, the integrated heavy-duty winch offers practical recovery solutions, ensuring that adventurers can extract themselves from sticky situations.

Interior and Comfort

Contrary to the spartan interiors of old-school off-roaders, the Grenadier provides a comfortable and technologically equipped cabin. From heated RECARO seats to advanced infotainment systems with off-road navigation, it ensures that comfort isn't sacrificed for capability. The utilitarian design extends inside, with water-resistant materials and drain valves for easy cleaning after muddy excursions.


The INEOS Grenadier stands as a beacon for off-road purists, blending traditional 4x4 values with modern innovation. It respects its heritage, not through imitation, but by reinterpreting what a contemporary off-roader can be. For the enthusiast who seeks a vehicle that is as capable on the trail as it is respectful of its roots, the Grenadier presents an uncompromising choice. It's more than just a vehicle; it's a tribute to the spirit of adventure, promising to carry the legacy of off-roading well into the future.

Engine, Transmission, and Off-road Capability:

Engine: BMW 3.0L Turbo Gasoline Straight-Six Engine

Engine Power: 282 hp

Torque: 332 ft-lbs

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Differential Locks Front & Rear: Available as part of the Rough Pack for enhanced off-road capability, priced at $2,250.

Raised Air Intake: Available for $850, useful for water crossings and dusty conditions.

Exterior and Interior Options:

Body Color: Various solid and metallic paint options, including Solid Paint options like Scottish White, Magic Mushroom, etc., and Metallic Paint options like Sterling Silver, Shale Blue, etc.

Contrast Roof and Ladder Frame: Options for contrasting roof (Scottish White, Inky Black) and ladder frame (Black, Red, Grey) to customize the vehicle's appearance.

Wheels and Tires: Choice between 17" and 18" Steel or Alloy Wheels, with Bridgestone All-Terrain or BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tires.

Additional Exterior Features: Such as Bump Strips, Exterior Utility Belt, Access Ladder, Safari Windows, and more for functionality and aesthetics.

Seating and Comfort: Options include Utility Trim, Leather Trim (Black or Grey/Black), Heated Front Seats, and different Driver's Packs for interior comfort and luxury.

Flooring, Infotainment, and Safety:

Flooring: Heavy Duty Utility Flooring with Drain Valves or optional Carpet Flooring for interior customization.

Infotainment: Advanced Speaker System and Compass with Altimeter for navigation and entertainment.

Safety, Security & Convenience: Includes Advanced Anti-Theft Alarm & Immobilizer, Park Assist Front (PDC), Rear-View Camera, and more for safety and convenience.

Winching, Towing, and Power Options:

Winching & Towing: Integrated Heavy Duty Winch (5.5 Tonnes), Class III 2” NAS Tow Hitch and Electrics, and Towing Mounting Plate (Front) for robust towing and recovery capabilities. Maximum Braked Towing Capacity: Approximately 7,716 pounds (3,500 kg)

Power: Options for Power Take-Off 400W, Auxiliary Charge Points, High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel & Electrical Preparation, and Auxiliary Battery for additional power needs.

The Cyclone Pre-Cleaner is an innovative accessory designed to enhance the engine protection and efficiency of off-road vehicles like the INEOS Grenadier, especially in dusty or sandy environments. Here’s a detailed look into its functionality and benefits:

Principle of Operation

The Cyclone Pre-Cleaner operates on a simple yet effective principle: it uses centrifugal force to separate dust, dirt, and other particulate matter from the air before it enters the engine's air filtration system. As air is drawn into the cleaner, it is forced into a cyclonic motion. This cyclonic action causes the heavier particles to be flung outward against the walls of the pre-cleaner, where they lose momentum and fall into a collection chamber, while the cleaned air moves on to the engine’s air filter.


Extended Filter Life: By removing a significant amount of debris before it reaches the primary air filter, the Cyclone Pre-Cleaner extends the service life of the filter. This means fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs over time.

Improved Engine Performance: Keeping the air filter cleaner for longer ensures optimal air flow to the engine, which is crucial for maintaining engine performance and efficiency. A clogged air filter can lead to reduced power output and increased fuel consumption.

Enhanced Engine Protection: The pre-cleaner plays a critical role in preventing abrasive particles from entering the engine, which can cause wear and tear on internal components over time. By reducing the amount of dust and dirt that gets through to the engine, it helps in prolonging engine life.

Versatility in Harsh Conditions: For off-road enthusiasts who frequently traverse deserts, gravel roads, or other particulate-heavy environments, the Cyclone Pre-Cleaner is an invaluable tool. It ensures that the vehicle's air intake system is less susceptible to clogging or damage, even in extreme conditions.

Easy Maintenance: The design of the Cyclone Pre-Cleaner allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The collected debris can be quickly emptied from the collection chamber, ensuring the system continues to function effectively without extensive upkeep.

Integration with the Grenadier

For the INEOS Grenadier, an off-road vehicle designed to tackle some of the harshest terrains, the Cyclone Pre-Cleaner is a logical accessory. It complements the vehicle’s built-in durability and reliability features, ensuring that enthusiasts can push the limits of exploration without compromising on engine health or performance.

Grenadier Standard Features

BMW 3.0L Turbo Gasoline Straight-Six Engine

8-Speed Automatic Transmission with Manual Override

Permanent Four-Wheel Drive

Full Box-Sectioned Ladder Frame

Galvanised Steel Body

Carraro Beam Axles Front & Rear

Heavy Duty Coil Suspension

Two-Speed Transfer Case

Centre Differential Lock

LED Headlights and Auxiliary High Beam Lights

30/70 Split Rear Doors

Full-Size Spare Wheel

Towing Eyes Front & Rear

Roof Rails & Roof Protection Strips


Central Control System

Overhead Control Panel

Off-Road & Wading Modes

Pathfinder Off-Road Navigation

Smooth Pack (including rear-view camera, park assist front, heated mirrors, etc.)

Grenadier Trialmaster Edition (For extreme off-roading)

Exterior Features:

17” Steel Wheels

Raised Air Intake

Exterior Utility Belt

Access Ladder

Rough Pack: Differential Locks Front & Rear, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires

Interior Features:

Interior Utility Rails

Auxiliary Battery

High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel & Electrical Preparation

Compass with Altimeter

Power Take Off 400W

Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition (For exploration and off-road comfort)

Exterior Features:

18” Alloy Wheels

Locking Wheel Nuts

Safari Windows

Access Ladder

Interior Features:

Leather Trim (Black or Grey/Black)

Heated Front Seats

Carpet Floor Mats

Compass with Altimeter

Premium Sound System

Optional Upgrades and Accessories:

Various exterior paint colors and contrast elements

Choice between steel and alloy wheels of different sizes

Optional Bridgestone or BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires

Interior options like Utility Trim, Leather Trim, Heated Seats, and different Driver's Packs

Additional exterior features such as side runners, rock sliders, LED light bars, etc.

Interior cargo solutions, including interior utility rails, tailgate table, and luggage organizers

Off-road capability enhancements like differential locks, underride protection, raised air intake, etc.

Roof cargo options including roof rack, cross-bars, spare wheel carrier, and various mounts and carriers

The word "Grenadier" is pronounced as "Gren-uh-deer."

the word "Grenadier" historically refers to a specialized type of soldier originally tasked with throwing grenades or operating early grenade launchers in European armies. Over time, the role of grenadiers evolved, and they often became elite troops chosen for their physical strength and stature, tasked with leading assaults or forming the shock troops of their respective armies. The term has also been adopted in various military units around the world to denote a specific role or elite status, even in contexts where the use of grenades is not the primary function. Additionally, "Grenadier" is used outside of a military context to refer to certain types of fish, particularly those of the family Macrouridae, known for their elongated bodies.


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